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Hi I just have a question about the electrical system 

A few weeks ago my legacys check engine light would come on without the key in the ignition and wouldnt start but if i let it sit for a few mins the check engine light will turn off and then when I try to start it again it will do the same thing I replaced the main relay and now if I try to start it all the lights will turn off and the check engine light will come on but it wont stay on I have tried jumping it jumper cables I was just wondering if anyone would have any Ideas?

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Never heard of such an issue. How old is the battery? Do you live in a cold place? And did you disconnect the battery, cleaned up the battery terminals real good and tightened them back?

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when you replaced Main Relay are you talking about the one under the Hood?


those Relays can go bad so i would replace all the Relays, they are Black and Grey usually


my DRL Relay will kill all my Lights but it is in there, and i believe previous owner disabled it even with DRL Relay in place under Hood


sounds like it could be electrical


if you suspect maybe previous owner tinkered with it, signs of wiring, decals everywhere, etc...i found it easier to swap out the entire thing.


i.e. start with the Under Hood relays, 5 or 6 i believe, then maybe swap the whole under Hood unit first

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