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Return of the LS2baru

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Some of you might remember this car from a few years (2015?) back. It was a California built 2000 Legacy L wagon with a 2006 Pontiac GTO drivetrain (6.0L and T56). It's now made it's way from California, to Colorado, to Texas, to Virginia (and 2 more owners) and finally to me. I'm looking forward to bringing it back to it's original glory and maybe a little bit beyond as it looks like there were a few things that were never finished. I'll start this as the rebuild thread for progress and updates as I go. 

It's a very cool car that actually drives pretty well but has had some questionable modifications and lack of maintenance as you'd expect from an engine swapped car on it's 5th or 6th owner.


What works well:

  • 6 piston front / 4 piston rear Wilwoods absolutely rock
  • Engine seems to run good and pull hard
  • Custom fab work on the subframes is beautiful and has held up really really well
  • Interior is fantastic

The fix list:

  • Way too low
  • Busted fenders from bad wheel/tire fitment and ride height
  • Blown front passenger coilover
  • Exhaust cutouts (why?)
  • No Speedo (as far as I can tell this never worked)
  • Tach is wrong
  • Airbag light on from JDM wheel swap
  • Low speed power steering groan
  • Questionable stereo wiring
  • Small leak from the rear of the T56
  • Exhaust needs complete rebuild as it hands a good 3" below the rest of the car
  • Paint is trash


Should be a really fun project and I'm looking forward to driving it as I fix some of the neglect that's happened over the years!





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