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2007 steering wheel upgrades, what’s out there?

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Hi everyone, I have a 2007 Legacy GT wagon 5EAT. I’ve seen a lot of options for steering wheels out there, but none of them seem to show 2007 as a viable year. I have the shifter controls on both sides of the wheel where the radio controls would be in an 08-09. I guess I could just get the wheel wrapped, but I would prefer to go with a DAMD wheel if possible?

Will a steering wheel for a 2005–06 also work with my car or will the shifters mess with fit? 

I’m also looking at having the wheel wrapped, but the prices are all over the board and nobody is local to me. 

Thanks in advance!

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I’m in the same boat, an 07 LGT wagon w AT and the shifter buttons next to the airbag. My wheel was peeling apart when I bought the car. Got an OEM replacement and was still underwhelmed. Thru the magic of this forum discovered the Zero Sports option for Legacy’s. It’s by far my favorite upgrade/mod on my whip simply for driver interface. It’s beefier in width and slightly smaller circumference than stock and def gives that racewagon feel. When my enthusiasm for owning a 16 year old car fades, the wheel always reignites it. 


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It’s been years, I want to say in the $3/400 range. There was a member/vendor on here (HKC speed, idk how active now) that I got it from. Initially got one w red stitching then swapped before install when I found out there was a black on black option. Quick browse just brought one up on croooober for under $200. Happy hunting. 

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