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Engine Stalls Out After Pushing in Clutch When Coming To a Stop

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I bought my 2008 2.5i Legacy in November last year, since then, it's had nothing but problems. As of late, the newest problem is as stated in the title. Whenever I'm coming to a stop and I push in the clutch to put the car back in neutral as I make a stop, it turns off every single time without fail, but only once the car is warmed up. I'm at a total loss as to what I should do as I don't want to keep throwing parts at it hoping that it fixes the problem. So far, I've replaced all of the spark plugs with OEM NGK ones, all fuel injectors with OEM spec injectors, spark plug wires, ignition coil, and MAF sensor. Any and all help is greatly appreciated

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off the top of my head, Throttle Position Sensor or Idle Air Control Valve on the throttle. Theres a long thread on the outback forum that seems to suggest theres a fix by updating ecu, not sure if outback specific but it's essentially the same car.

Service Bulletin # 11-96-10
Bulletin Description: This is to announce that ECM reprogramming files are now available to address RPM dropping below idle speed when the clutch pedal is depressed while the engine is warming up.


Could also be clutch related...


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