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Anyone Had Intermittent Failures of Eyesight System?

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Within the last 3 weeks or so I’ve had what I assume is an Eyesight failure occasionally occurring. What brings it to my attention is the lane departure warning does not trigger whether going across a line on the right or the left. Every now and then one side will work but not the other and then if I’ve continued driving both will fail to alert me. 

Usually turning the car off after I’ve returned home will restore function once I start off again, or I have to go into settings and toggle them off and then on again. This became most apparent during the recent frigid cold snap.

The system gives no warning such as the “eyesight has been disabled” alert that pops up during heavy downpours
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I have a 2019 Ascent and 2020 Legacy, with no issues with the Eyesight system.  It yells when I cross over the lines without using a turn signal or if I start drifting to the side.  

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