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Airbag Code Blues

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Sorry bother everyone with this on Christmas eve.  Hopefully if you're bothering to read this, you're not bothered.

I have an intermittent airbag light on my gauge cluster.  This is on my 2008 Legacy GT 5MT.  I will be doing the overhead console PCB solder repair either way as a preventative maintenance, but I'd still like to know how to read these codes - either in case that doesn't fix it, or just for future reference.

I've found info on other years and models that are supposed to have an airbag/srs diagnostic connector under the dash that allows you to "blink" out the codes by connecting the right pins.  However, I can't find any such thing and I don't see anything about it in the diagnostic procedure in the service manual for my year.  This site seems to claim there is such a connector up to 2009.


I also tried buying a Launch CRP123X scan tool.  This should be the same as the CRP123 recommended in some other threads, just with a touch screen.  When I try to connect to the SRS system through the ODB2 port, it says it's not found.  It is able to identify the car, show the VIN and read out all the normal DTC's, emissions readiness, etc.  So it does work in some capacity, but not for anything I can't already do with my Accessport, so it's essentially useless.

So my question is this - does anyone know if or how a launch scan tool can read srs codes from a 2008 Legacy GT 5MT?  Is there something I need to do with the car or the tool to enable this?  Is there another connector I need to connect?

Alternatively, is there a better tool I should use that is known to work with this exact car?

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Total shot in the dark on this one, since I do not know the answer, but any chance that plugging the "diagnostic connectors" together might unlock the correct mode to read codes like those? (Eg: the same ones you connect to allow the AP to flash the map....)

Just going on the basis that the scanner is supposed to work, and I've read that those plugs are used by the dealer when doing more advanced type scanning/diagnosis.


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Ah. I don't know a lot about '07-09 models.

I think if you can flash with the AP, the either there is no plug to connect, or yours is already mated up, so my hunch becomes a dead end.

I was under the impression that later year models still had a diagnostic mode, but could be wrong.

Of course there is the possibility there are still plugs that need to be connected that aren't related to an AP flash. Someone that knows more about the post-facelift specifics might chime in. Or, there could be some info on it that is searchable on here?


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I have a 2008 Legacy 2.5i with airbag light on.  The airbag and ABS systems can be read via the OBD2 port.  I bought an Ancel 610 Elite a few years back to diagnose and try to fix the issue.  It does read the diagnostic codes from the airbag system.  My 08 showed multiple issues and I was never able to get it fixed properly - but the Ancel 610 does read the system you are talking about.

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Thanks for the recommendation.  If I can't get any leads on using the CRP123X soon I might try to return it and get that.  Do you know if yours is a an AD610, AD610 Elite or AD610 Plus?  Also, are you touching any connectors except the OBD2 port to do the scan?

Anyone else?  Is anyone familiar with the CRP123X or know of anything else I'm missing?

Anyone else have any other recommendations?

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6 minutes ago, puddles said:

KZJonny, thanks for the effort.  My other vehicle is a 79 KZ650 if that's what your user name is referring to.

No problem, it was a bit of a hail mary idea anyway. I got stuck at homE instead of visiting family this year, with the massive wind and snow storm that came through over Christmas. Might not have been on here otherways…

And yes. My other, other car is a bunch of motorcycles that don’t run.

I’ve got a ‘78 KZ650C. First reasonably powerful bike I owned, and the only one I have that is in one piece and runs reliably. Bought it back in around 2010, and could never quite find anything I liked a whole lot better….I think it’s with me permanently now…


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Nice KZ, Jonny.  Here's mine.  Got it around 2005, finished rebuilding it in 2010.  It is mostly stock, except for the wheels, brakes and fork lowers.  Since this picture it sat in a damp garage and got covered in mold and rust, but I went over it last summer and got it back to roughly this condition.  I also feel like I'm stuck with it at this point since I couldn't sell it for 10% of what I put into it (not including time), but I love it so that's fine.


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I finally got some time to pull the little indicator PCB from the overhead console last night.  Some of the solder joints looked cold and thin, but not actually cracked, so I was skeptical that this would fix it.  Either way, I still gave it a shot and added some quality leaded solder and reflowed everything I saw.  So far, it seems to have fixed it.  It was intermittent before and I haven't driven it much yet, but hopefully that was it and it doesn't come back.  Crossing my fingers and knocking on wood.

I got the return started on the Launch CRP123X.  I'll probably get the Ancel AD610.

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