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Reverse lockout to get into 5th/6th

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Hey guys, came across something ive never experienced today, looked across the forums, and haven't found anything close to it, so here we are. So I picked up my car from my Tuner (Taylordtuning) after doing a whole rebuild. I also had Rallispec rebuild my transmission.

When I picked the car up I couldn't get into reverse, I thought I was being a dumbass just not driving the car in awhile, but I realized that in order to go in reverse, you now, CANT pull the lock out, and in order to get into 5th and 6th grade you HAVE to pull the lock out up. So they have literally been swapped.


Also when I was in 5th or 6th, it wouldn't do it every time, the front of the car would almost bounce around, I would literally see my Cars RPMs bounce/fluctuate 150-200 RPMs back and forth. I full well plan on calling Rallispec to see what the hell they did. But has anyone ever had this issue before?




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I suspect something is backwards with the lockout linkage.  Probably a quick fix that was an honest mistake working in a tight location.  Embarrassing, but human.  The shudder sounds like a clutch engagement issue.  Slip, no slip, slip, no slip.  Similar to judder from a LWFW.  Place a call and I am sure they will take care of it.

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