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Advice for cleaning sticky residue from phone mount off of dashboard? is goo gone safe?

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TL:DR is goo gone safe for dashboard?


I have a 2016 legacy premium.  I had a iottie 4 dashboard phone mounted.  It was actually my 2nd one.  The 1st one lasted about a year before it broke.  The 2nd one the reusable sticky /adhesive suction cup material actually completely melted after about 18 months from living in South Florida.  So I need to clean the melted goop off the dashboard (and one of the a/c vents and vent on/off knob where it dripped down).   The instruction for the mount are to use fishing line and a credit card to remove the residue, but obviously they attend for that to happen when it's more of a solid and less of a liquid.  Oddly it's been about a year since it melted and I removed the mount, and I figured eventually wiping it with just wet clothes and my standard interior wipes would clean it, but its held strong.  Even worse it picks up dust and fibers like crazy.  

1st question Is goo gone safe for use on the dashboard? goo gone claims its safe for plastic and vinyl, but not rubber, and they say in some places its safe for dashboards but also say to test in inconspicuous area.

2nd question does anyone have any better recommendations of what to use to get it off without destroying dashboard material? or making it so slippery that a future phone mount won't stick?.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Sorry for the late reply.

Have you asked google "how to" clean that stuff off.


I use a Weathertech cup phone holder in my cars. But I'm not a big fan of needing the phone in my view, while driving. I do use the WAZE app for directions. 

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