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What is the Least Complicated way to Remove Engine and Transmission?

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Sadly the end of the road has come for my 2005 Legacy GT wagon. It has rusted to the point where it is completely unsafe. Before I scrap the shell I want to pull the drivetrain. Possibly to sell or possibly to stash for a future FFR 818 project. I am semi-familiar with the normal method of pulling the engine out the top or dropping the transmission as one would do for a clutch replacement or engine rebuild but this time I need the simplest method to get everything out without having to plan for eventually putting it back together. The fewer bolts that have to come out the better (very rusty - lots of hardware is going to break or get stuck). Ideally if I could pull the engine, trans, turbo, downpipe, TMIC, everything as one unit that would be terrific. What doesn't come out is getting scrapped so I'm looking for the "junkyard hack" approach. Taking a sawzall or grinder to the core support, subframe, anything else is not out of the question. Can everything come out the top as one piece? Or if I hack up the core support and/or bumper can they come out the front? Would I be better off undoing the strut tophats and subframe and dropping everything out the bottom?

Its a sad, unceremonious ending to a great car but the time has come...

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Once you've removed the radiator, condenser, bumper, etc., the engine and transmission can come out the front.  Not sure if there will be overweight/balance problems using just the engine lifting eyes for the engine and transmission.  A chain around the transmission might be good for extra support.



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You may want to think before you go cutting the wires. You may need those for the ECU if you want to use this in the future. 


Make a list of what you think you want to cut. That way, you'll have a chance to do it right the first time.


Thinking...if you have a lift, it might be easier to drop it out the bottom attached to the subframe...


Hopefully, m sprank will see this, I'm sure he'll have good info.

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