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Fenrir1 '06 Spec B Build


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Hi all this is my 2nd 4th gen legacy and it is a 2006 2.5GT Limited Spec B #105/500. finally decided to create a build thread of it on this forum. havent really been on this website in years but here i am. It is a 1-owner, clean title, bone stock with 57k miles sold by Grand Subaru IL to me back in mid July 2022. actually traded my 2010 acura MDX for it. Here are all the mods and maintenance done to it so far. 

also have a 2006 Forester XT Limited 4EAT as garage queen  https://www.subaruforester.org/threads/sg9-forester-sti-replica.526953/

and my other garage queen 2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider https://www.4c-forums.com/threads/fenrirs-2018-alfa-romeo-4c-spider.68752/

you can find me on IG @datfozsti for updates thanks!

-cobb sf intake w/airbox
-cobb accessport v3 stage 1 93 octane
-cobb turbo headshield
-cobb tmic silicone hose black 
-iag performance air / oil separator red
-koyo aluminum racing radiator
-mishimoto aluminum fan shroud kit
-mishimoto silicone radiator hose kit/throttle body hose black
-sti radiator shroud
-sti 1.3 bar pink coolant reservoir cap
-sti yellow rad cap
-killer b oil pan/pick up tube/tray baffle
-cusco magnetic drain plug 20x1.5
-getadomtube cylinder 4 cooling mod
-perrin pitch mount black
-syms engine oil cap green/silver
-syms brake master cylinder cap green/silver
-zerosports hood scoop air splitter
-prova eifel cf intake duct
-jdm abs cover
-jdm battery cover
-2sp hood struts
-silver cf hood latch cover

-xclutch sprung organic clutch kit subaru
-torque solutions billet chromoly clutch fork & pivot
-torque solutions soild shifter linkage u-joint 5spd
-cusco power steering brace
-whiteline KDT958 bushing shifter kit
-kartboy 5spd short throw shifter
-kartboy trans mount bushings
-sti group n manual trans mount

-blitzen binder
-damd d-shaped cf steering wheel red stitching
-tuned by sti door sills
-defi boost gauge w/boost controller
-defi oil temp gauge
-perrin dual gauge pod
-hks turbo timer type 0 red
-arc 5spd shift pattern
-p2m checkered floor mats for gd impreza
-liberal cf door handles
-liberal cf hand brake
-liberal cf dash side vents
-jdm red hazard switch
-jdm dual zone av panel set H6217AG911
-jdm navigation visor
-jdm sun visors
-jdm door handle panel black wood
-faux cf rearview mirror cover
-subieflow cf shift knob
-grimmspeed 5spd shift boot retainer
-jdm faux cf (oem) dome lights
-jdm rear passenger cup holder w/ashtray
-jdm subaru trash box
-jdm magnetic red led flare
-stop drop seat filler
-legacy automatic shifter surround trim


USDM Bumper
jdm legacy sti front V-grill
bayson r motorsports legacy front bumper lip
genuine subaru resin mini sti emblem #STSG15100240

JDM B4 STI Bumper
jdm headlight brackets
corazon mesh front grill
jdm genuine legacy sti front lip
nri nightrunner license plate adaptor
zerosports license plate frame

-k2gear double slit wide fenders
-depo jdm black/clear projector headlights
-custom clear lens tail lights
-jdm side skirts
-jdm valance side spat front
-jdm crosssports side spat rear
-jdm rear bumper
-jdm exhaust finishers
-jdm power folding mirrors
-jdm grampus mirror turn signal lights purple
-jdm cf rear bumper diffuser
-slash cf door mirror cover 
-arc cf hood scoop extension
-c&c works rain visor
-genuine subaru logo license plate frame
-sti aluminum plate bolt covers
-tuned by sti trunk emblem
-hks trunk emblem
-braga "sti" fuel cap cover

-sti front strut bar w/chasing J's titanium strut bar bolts 3"
-sti front lower arm bar
-oem replacement spec b front aluminum control arms
-jspeed sujigane front fender brace set
-bilstein b8 performance plus struts
-oem replacement spec b front strut mounts
-kyb rear strut mounts
-h&r sport springs 1.4"F/1.3"R
-whiteline front center roll adjustment kit
-whiteline front 22mm and rear 20mm swaybars w/endlinks
-avoturboworld rear swaybar brackets
-custom roof bar w/beatrush brackets

-grimmspeed master cylinder brace
-centric plain 120 series front rotors
-brembo premium oe plain rear rotors
-hawk performance ceramic front pads
-stoptech street select rear pads
-motul dot. 5.1 brake fluid

-hks silent hi-power catback exhaust
-sixstarmotorsports catless up-pipe
-torque solutions exhaust hangers

Sound System
-pioneer avic-5200nex w/backup camera
-ae64 14-pin harness 
-ae64 i88 harness
-ae64 i85 harness w/2 swc wires
-ae64 oem navi audio female rca jack 
-jdm factory option Sony center console monitor dvd player

-legacy tuned by sti wheels 18x7.5 +55 by enkei
-continental extremecontact dws 06 plus 225/40zr/18
-braga "sti" cf valve caps 

Lighting (all LED)
-endless possibilities H7 headlight bulbs w/ballast white
-I<3jdmtoy 40W H3 foglight bulbs white (usdm bumper)
-auxito H3 foglight bulbs on jdm bumper yellow (jdm bumper)
-auxito 3157 switchback turn signal bulbs white/amber
-auxito DE3175 front door card bulbs white
-auxito 912 reverse light bulbs white
-auxito 194 license plate bulbs white
-auxito 7443 brake light bulbs red
-auxito 7443 rear turn signal no-canbus bulbs amber


@58k miles
-90k service
-clutch fluid, brake fluid, power steering flush, transmission fluid w/front and rear diff, spark plug replacement
-timing belt and water pump
-valve cover gasket replacement
-banjo bolt filters removed
-alternator/power steering/ac belts
-killer b oil pan combo
-koyo rad w/mishi fans and hoses
-sixstar catless uppipe
-domtune cooling mod
-grimmspeed mc brace
-cusco power steering brace
-short shifter w/bushings
-cobb headshield
-brake rotors and pads

@61k miles
-new starter

@67k miles
-iag aos 
-hks catback
-whiteline swaybars

@69.8k miles
-bilstein b8 / h&r springs
-whiteline front center roll adj.

@74k miles
-oem flywheel & bolt
-torque solutions pitch fork & pivot
-rear main seal ej
-front driver axle seal
-front passenger mt output shaft seal sti
-liqui moly gl-5 75w-90 gear oil 1L

Future Mods





















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On 11/13/2022 at 3:11 PM, SoobyDoobyDoo said:

Damn. Clean car. That’s quite the list to have done since July, you’ve been busy…very nicely done. That forrester is nice, too, wouldn’t mind seeing some more…

thanks! and yeah i had a pile of goodies stacked to the side in my office room before it went in for the 90k service lol 

but check out my IG @datfozsti for more of my forester! and legacy 


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59 minutes ago, SoobyDoobyDoo said:

I recently acquired that same bumper…don’t know when I’ll get it on at this point but still so nice! That’ll look good on the car.  So what’s in the HKS box….? 😏

nice! and we shall see when i open it 😁

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today's shenanigans,

-installed cobb intake & box and accessport v3 Stage 1+ 93 oct. tune 
-scosche magnet holder on A-pillar
-jdm sun visors (im gonna miss the usdm visor sliders 😢)
-fuel cap holder (from jp yahoo auctions)
-cleaned and conditioned the leather seats

fitment on the intake box was super tight, it was a struggle to make it work with the lid and intake duct but eventually it all went into place. i just dread changing or cleaning the intake filter... 

overall the cobb stage 1 tune feels like it pulls harder, but only on the top end. normal driving it feels the same as stock somewhat from the 1k-3k range unless you floor it then you can def feel the pull. and of course its fun to listen to the spoosh sound the intake makes :) 

update: as a 16 year old tune, im sure everybody with a subaru and a cobb tune knows this already but im still going to say it anyway that stage 1 definitely makes the engine run healthier and smoother. no more accelerator pedal delays and overrevving when trying to rev match off of 1st gear. engine idle is quiet and smooth with little to no vibrations. im happy with the result for a daily driver. now just gotta install the catback to make things more interesting..








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FINALLLLLLLY some Grampusssss. after years of searching, i was blessed with a set. purple is gonna look really nice on silver exterior. now time to get some jdm folding mirrors.

also acquired jdm navi visor, cf handbrake handle, and oem fake cf trim dome lights even though i can only use the middle one. maybe ill sell the set idk. 



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Nice score on the granola lights! I didn’t know there were purple ones. What’s the advantage of the JDM Sun visors? I Believe the USDM STi ones fit and have a sunroof button on them? Check out John Halls build he put a black one in, unless you just wanted for the CF trim…looks good I need to get a stg 1 tune on  mine…

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11 hours ago, SoobyDoobyDoo said:

Nice score on the granola lights! I didn’t know there were purple ones. What’s the advantage of the JDM Sun visors? I Believe the USDM STi ones fit and have a sunroof button on them? Check out John Halls build he put a black one in, unless you just wanted for the CF trim…looks good I need to get a stg 1 tune on  mine…

sun visors or the navi visor? 

jdm sun visors have no advantage whatsoever. i think the usdm sun visors are actually better becuz it has extenders to block more sunlight but i switched them out for jdm visors cuz jdm visors lol 

the jdm navi visor is actually wider than usdm navi screen.  and i think youre probably talking about the Liberal visor. those are cool too.

i'm only switching out the middle light dome for the jdm one. yup the usdm one have sunroof buttons and airbag light so i cant swap it out. 

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14 hours ago, SoobyDoobyDoo said:

Nice score on the granola lights! I didn’t know there were purple ones. What’s the advantage of the JDM Sun visors? I Believe the USDM STi ones fit and have a sunroof button on them? Check out John Halls build he put a black one in, unless you just wanted for the CF trim…looks good I need to get a stg 1 tune on  mine…

and yeah i think i follow his build, its pretty rad. his car reminds me of my buddy's old SG forester that he put on air and widebody fender as well. 

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1 hour ago, Febreze Mee said:

Man, I have not been able to find grampus lights the last couple years, let alone the set I'd want. Nice find on those purple ones!

dude tell me about it. ive been on the hunt on getting just ANY color for yearsssss. finally able to snag this one. recently i saw a pink one got sold and i was too late for it 😭

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17 minutes ago, SoobyDoobyDoo said:

Yeah I hardly ever see them…all the cool stuff is getting harder and harder to find. 😕 did you snag those from Yahoo Jpn auction?

yup! i pretty much get a lot of my jdm parts from there. thank goodness for that website and that we're finally able to bid on it. my car wouldnt be how it is without it lol 

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Makes me wish I had read Sport Compct Car back in 05 when these came out…the original editorial board had all moved on by that point, it was never the same after that so I stopped reading it. My fav was still about how they bought a brand new 04 STi, and proceeded to rattle can it flat black. They were into some shenanigans…nice score! Wish I could get some of the dvds that pop up on there for the BL/BP chassis…with region coding it’s worthless.

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  • Fenrir1 changed the title to Fenrir1 '06 Spec B Build

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