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97 legacy GT sedan. Custom bumper front lip guard/diffuser

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Hi there guys I have a Subaru legacy gt bd sedan with a custom JDM bumper on it as pictured below. I have been looking for a guard for the bottom of the bumper and the sides because it sits so low no matter if I go over a dip slow or turn slow it's still scrapes every once in awhile and I just had it painted and I was wondering if anybody knows it any lip guard diffuser that I could purchase so I can put on the bumper so I protect it. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys!



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I don't know of anything, and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one left reading here, but I hope someone more into the JDM mod scene will come along witha solid answer.

If you are really stuck you could ghetto up something like the MightyCarMods kids do in one of their videos. 

My thought is, that doesn't look that low, have you checked your sway bar and dampers to reduce body roll?

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I certainly appreciate lowered, but I haven't owned one that I lowered as I go more towards light offroad so maybe I'm just wrong about it not looking that low.

If you have a local body shop or speed shop that will talk to people with less than 700 hp then that would be a good idea just to bounce some ideas around.

I haven't found any such shops around me and I get tired of getting scorned for such a slow car so I hang around here where people love Subarus even if they won't do a 6 second quarter and cost less than $80,000.

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