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RomRaider vs Btssm logging different in boost measurements


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I just finished an opensource e-tune a few weeks ago use RomRaider/TactrixOP for logging. I switched back to my usual gauges through through my aftermarket head unit through my iDatalink/Maestro. The "boost" measurements I am getting through this system and through Btssm/TactrixOP are quite different than what I was getting using RomRaider. I am seeing maximum boost in the low 20s, like 22-23psi, which is waaaay higher than I expected.

With RomRaider I am seeing manifold relative pressure topping-out at 18.43psi, attached. I have also attached a plot of manifold absolute pressure from RomRaider. Am I completely missing something or am I doing something wrong with RomRaider and actually overboosting badly right now?


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Ok, I kind of feel like an idiot, I should have known that the MRP flatlined like that is a measurement or protocol issue, not the actual value.

I've found a few RomRaider forum posts about this being related to Subaru's SSM protocol for interacting with the ECU.

Either way, I was not understanding what was going on during the tuning process and there is waaaay too much boost mid-range for stock engine.

I'll save this map for when I eventually get the engine built and see about getting a revised tune limiting boost to 18psi.

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