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Wheel and Tire Size Help!

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Which legacy do you have?  Most of the 17" are 17x7.

Like mentioned, offset will be important.

Generally, people don't run staggered on Subaru's AWD because the front and rear tire diameter has to be within 2mm of each other. So, you would need to make sure the wider rear tires were within measured diameter of the fronts. 

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I was trying to force him to figure out it out on his own, that there is no GD way those wheels will fit. It’s a silly question in fact.

Regardless of the offset, tire choice, adapters, etc. those wheels will not fit a 4th gen Legacy.

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thanks for all your help, this is my first car lol, my dad owned one back when I was younger. It's in the shop right now getting it's engine rebuilt so i couldn't go and check the specs! i appreciate the help and found some 18" i just need adaptors for them :)

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I’d recommend reading the wheel/tire stickies in the correct technical forum, before buying. There is an amazing amount of detailed info in there on how to choose a good wheel and tire for our cars.


Even a 15mm adapter will push most wheels beyond the fenders on a Legacy.

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