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Vacuum line size

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I'm looking to do the T connector vacuum line mod to help remove the lower rpm stumble.  I measured the line off the BOV and it is 5/16" ID.  The vacuum line from cylinder 4 to the FPR is also 5/16" ID, but it has at least an insert at both ends that is 1/4".  Does that reducing "tube" run the entire length, or just inserted at the ends?

Will also replace the blue T under the intercooler.....are those lines all 5/16" ID as well?

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Not a great answer, I know, (as in it doesn't really answer your questions.....) but I used one of these for the "blue tee" job, and am going to pick up another for the FPR source swap:


Originally sourced by a member here, Turkeylord. Now available through your local speed parts people. I suppose you can get some brass fitting to do the job as well, but I priced these out against McMasterCarr, and it wasn't worth the difference, so I grabbed them from my local Subaru Speed shop. More expensive than auto store plastic fittings, but worth it in my books....

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Yeah, that's what I am getting them for too.  The price for the kit is very tempting, probably less than just buying the T connectors locally.  Though Amazon does sell a nice kit with the brass T and worm clamps as a set.....

Looks like it is 5/16 x 5/16 x 1/4 though.

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