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Switching from 05-06 rear bumper to 07+

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So a while back I banged up my car, spun out clipped the front end, needed new fenders, hood, front bumper etc. it bent the passenger rail after the engine so I was able to pull it out and toss some cheap unpainted aftermarket body parts on the front. My rear bumper is still busted up and cracked, its just the bumper cover thats messed up, the brackets and everything else are fine. I had ordered 07+ tail lights a while back so I already have those. I am just going to go to a junkyard and grab a used bumper thats already OBP, obsidian black pearl, and throw it on. My question is do I just need the cover or do I need the entire assembly, like brackets and bars etc. ??

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The body repair manual may help.

Or, just look up both set ups on Subaru's parts from one of the dealers websites.

I'm going to guess everything is the same.

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I know the bumper covers and rear taillights differ between the 05/06 and 07+. I'm gonna have to do some comparing like you said, I just hate those diagrams , they are so small and i'm getting old and blind lol. 

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Actually it seems like 05-07 are the same and 08 and 09 are the newer style. They use the same exact picture diagram file (B13_59101197) and numbering, and looks like the only difference I can see so far is the part number for the bumper covers are different. So it seems you just need the cover and lights to do the bumper mod. The newer bumper looks nicer imo. 

Anyone with an 08 or 09? Do you know if those lights on the bumper are reflectors or functional? 








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