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Oil pressure advice

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So today I installed an oil pump shim in hope that it would increase my max oil pressure at full operating temps. It didn't seem to change much of anything, maybe a couple psi higher but I'm still not sure that I'm comfortable with the pressure it's operating at.

I have a built motor with stock clearance crank bearings and slightly oversized clearance on the rod bearings. I have a 11 mm oil pump and I am running motul 10w40 oil.

At idle my oil pressure is 20 to 25 psi, cruise is around 60 to 70, and 8000rpm I'm only making about 60 to 65. I have heard that you should have 10 psi of oil pressure per 1000 rpm so ideally I would like to see 80 psi.

I'm wondering if it would be worth it to run a thicker oil like 20w50 but idk if that would be to thick. Just looking for some advice on what I should do next.

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