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Test 6MT center diff?


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Coles Notes history:  I purchased a 6MT (and axles, rear diff, driveshaft etc) out of an 07 spec.b a couple years ago.  Due to time and money constraints, I have not gotten to install it yet.  A little while after purchase I heard the person I bought it from tends to sell parts that are of  "questionable condition", and the rumour is the one I purchased may have a center diff that is pooched.

So the question is, is there a way to test the diff with the transmission sitting in my basement?  I'd like to know if it will need to be replaced before getting it in the car and finding out.  The R180 rear diff seems to be fine.

Thanks for any help!

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the spec.b 6mt is a VLSD. it will be hard to check without removing it for a visual. luckily its pretty straight forward to take off the tail piece of the 6mt to do that. you may as well just replace it if you have concerns, as the part isnt that pricey and the install is not difficult. You could also take this opportunity to upgrade to a DCCD unit instead. In fact, why not upgrade the front diff to a STI helical as well. 

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Sorry to hijacker’s this thread.

Didn’t know it was just the tail section assembly. I thought the SpecB housing needed modification to accommodate DCCD from the STI. It’s been a while since I’ve had gone through the 6MT Master thread. 

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thats only if you want to use the spec b tail housing. if you find a full sti tail housing and assembly, its a direct swap. don't forget, you should also install the STI front helical diff too. to really make it the complete package. 

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