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Transmission valve body replaced--long term reliability?

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Hey everyone—After a search I didn't find this topic, so here goes. Just had the transmission valve body replaced on my 2011 Legacy with 133,400 miles. I anticipate hanging on to this car for another year or more, but I'm concerned about other transmissions issues, like the torque converter and the transmission itself. Anyone else have experience with this repair and any transmission issues that surfaced later? Another transmission, on top of the recent $2,000 valve body work,  would really sink this car. What is your take? Does it make sense to bail on the Legacy now or hang on to it? I appreciate the feedback. Thanks.


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Bumping an old thread here but was doing some searching and came across it so I thought I'd chime in. From what I've gathered online and from Mr. Subaru vids, the valve body replacement shouldn't have any bearing on a premature transmission failure, as long as the diagnosis and codes point directly to that part (i.e most commonly a solenoid voltage issue). The process is fairly simple to replace them, but there are certain variances that need to be considered with the CVT fluid temps and levels, as well as the different fluid plugs for the trans vs diff on the trans housing. For that reason, I opted to have the dealer to the work vs doing it myself, and it resulted in the technician making a mistake with an o-ring or some variation of reassembly, causing the CVT to fail and be replaced (on their dime thanks to my psuedo knowledge). 

With all of that said, it's just a matter of confidence in the replacement. The valve body has been a commonly documented repair without further reports of issues. You may get the occasional one, but sometimes the valve body fails because the car is ran hard, and thusly also impacting the CVT lifespan. I'm hanging onto mine for now because its been owned since new with extra maintenance care taken, but am certainly looking to get rid of it at some point due to a now used CVT being replaced in an otherwise clean vehicle. 

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This is so informative. Thanks for this. It was the solenoid voltage issue. I opted to trade in the Legacy and picked up a Ford Edge (which has its own unique engine/trans issues), having decided to wait on a Maverick. 

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