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Weird popping sound over bumps after changing strut mount


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7 minutes ago, m sprank said:

Top hats.  Strut to top hat or top hat to car. 

strut mounts and top hats are the same thing.

On 8/6/2022 at 7:45 AM, JMLegacy said:

Weird problem. I had the mechanic change strut mounts and now a weird popping sound is heard going over bumps. Any clue?

you should take it back and have the shop inspect it.  the work they performed may have made another component fail(i know the ball joint isn't too happy when the strut is removed and the knuckle isn't supported), or the parts they put in were defective.  just because it's new doesn't mean it's good.

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I did take it back to the shop.

They said it's a small control arm bushing.

I disagreed. I took it to a wheel alignment and inspection stand. They found nothing.

Finally took it to my day-one mechanic. In 2 minutes he found that the ball join nut was loose, on BOTH sides.

Idiots at the first shops pulled them.

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They did not need to remove the ball joints to replace the struts.  Odd.

Glad you got it all worked out.

Silverton did not understand my statement.  I suspected the top hats were the culprit (as the ball joint should not have been removed).  I suspected that either the strut was not tight to the top hat (single nut in the center of the hat) causing the strut shaft threads to rub up and down in the top hat bearing.  Or, the top hat was not tight to the car (3 studs) causing the top hat to move up and down grinding on the car.





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