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Please tell me the correct size fog lights to get for a 2013 Legacy

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This is Alla Lighting’s page specific to a 2013 Subaru Legacy, and it says all these fog lights will fit correctly(!). You can tell that the ones for $29.99 appear to attach in a very different way than the ones for $79.99:


I asked them which ones are the correct ones and they said H16 was the right size, but also said that the H11 and H16 sizes are interchangeable.

Another time they said that “Per your vehicles owner manual, H11 bulb size will fit fog light housing.”

When I try Amazon and do a search for “2013 Subaru Legacy fog lights”, I get results that are also in sizes HB3, H7, H11 and 9005! Amazon says all of these fit in the fog light sockets.

And if Alla says one of their light sets will definitely work on my Legacy, Amazon will say the exact same pair will NOT fit!

At this point I’m about to pull my hair out… All I want to know is the correct size so I know what to buy. Can someone PLEASE tell me??


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Amazon's search for things like this is terrible.

Philips says that H8, H11, and H16 all should work: https://www.automotivebulbfinder.com/philips/

Sylvania recommends H16: https://www.sylvania-automotive.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-sylvaniaautomotive-Site/en_US/BulbFinder-Show?carId=23251&oepn=H16

Owners Manual (pg 510) says H16: https://cdn.subarunet.com/stis/doc/ownerManual/MSA5M1304BSTIS.pdf

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Thanks a lot for the reply.
I think that if both the owner's manual and Sylvania say H16 then that's what I'll go with. The last time I bought a pair of low beams via Amazon, it said they would fit. But they did NOT fit.

You're right about the Philips link. But what's even weirder is that I checked each set the search produced, and found that  the size varies based on which particular grade of bulbs one chooses (HUH?!?). One even says that it replaces H7, H8/H16, H11, 9006, 9145, and PS24W. Some of them appear to attach at the rear, and some at the side -- so I know some of them can't be correct.

Well, I'll buy a pair of H16s and just keep my fingers crossed.
Thanks again for replying!


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subaru says it's an H11.  You could always do a visual check of the bulb and see what it says.  That's the easiest way when you've got a bunch of people telling you different stuff.

Due diligence will save you time and money.

A quick search after my post says H11 and H16 ALMOST interchange. H11 wont fit perfect in an H16 housing, but an H16 will fit an H11 housing.


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