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Fuel pump hanger won't seal

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I was smelling fuel in my car mostly when the tank was full or a day or two after filling it. I had to get my brakes done and I took it into the shop to have it done and the fuel smell issue looked at. 

They replaced the pump hanger seal/gasket as it was old and looked worn. I got the car and it smelled like gas pretty bad, I thought it must be from the repair and it would go away. 

Well it didn't. The next time I filled it up the car started pouring fuel out the right side by the back tire....I didn't notice it till I got home and I pulled the seat up and saw the seal was leaking. 

So it drained to below the pump level and I took it back in. 

They replaced it again and went and filled it up and it still leaks. They worked all day trying to get it fixed with no luck.

The shop told me to call Subaru because it might be a recall issue as they had some legacy's in the past that had something like this happen and it was covered under a recall. I called them Subaru dealer and they said there was no recall for my car for that issue and it was all up to date on recalls. 

Long story, but I'm wondering if anyone has any info on this or any input as to the problem or cause of fix as it's a bit baffling that it all of a sudden just quits sealing and leaks whenever you fill the tank from that hanger seal. 


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They need to figure out where that leak is coming from and not just throw parts at it because things look "worn and old." The fuel filler neck and the gas tank itself is prone to leaking on our cars, as well. Did you try taking a look when the fuel was dripping out? There are some plastic covers under that area that need to me removed in order to see what's going on.

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I physically saw it flowing from that seal after it was "repaired" and took it back in.

The problem seems consistent with the symptoms of the original problem but exacerbated. 

Maybe it has a crack and they can't see it. I could be wrong, but it seems unlikely to me that all of a sudden the metal mating surface on the tank side is somehow magically bad. 

I think the best first step is getting a new hanger and seal and seeing how that works out. Unless someone else has any input. 

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I had a cracked fuel pump housing too resulting in fumes in the cabin. I'd replace the whole fuel pump housing.

edit: I forgot to mention I don't know what you mean by hanger, sorry if I repeated what you already planned to do.

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Here's a photo of my old fuel pump assy. If it helps.  The hanger is the top part. Above the rubber gasket/seal.



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Ya what he said lol.

So the mechanic put the housing/hanger on the tank with no seal and noticed it rocking a bit. So they massaged the metal lip to make it flat so the hanger wasn't rocking, then reassembled. They smoke tested it and filled it up. I got it back yesterday and so far so good. No fresh fuel smell only left over from all the spilling and that's tapering off. No smell outside the car. 

Gotta say I appreciate a place that will try and fix the problem before Willy nilly replacing parts. 




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