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I need replacement bulbs for my 2000 Subaru Legacy (Import) Dashboard.

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Hi All,
Would anyone know what the type of bulbs are in behind the dash. I have a 2000 Subaru Legacy (Import). My dash glows green when lit. Would they be a mix of T5 and T10 bulbs with crimped glass connector ends. How many of each would I need to do a full replacement ?.
Also, How easy is it to remove the plastic to get at the Dash and take it out to replace bulbs. Any help would be great.
It is an easy job to remove the trim to get the dashboard out without breaking anything, any help would be great ?.  Pics even better.
Thanks Guys.
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Thanks for the link,  It doesnt give and details as to what the Dash cluster uses as in, I just need to know if the ate T5 clear or Green bulbs that are crimped glass or are the T5 bulbs in those little plastic ends that you just twist in place.

The Link is spot on for all of the bulb for everywhere else, so thank you for that.

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Dang, I never noticed that they only show "user replaceable bulbs".  That sucks.


Couldn't say on what's in yours.  I don't even know what's in mine as it's been too long.  I know it wasn't the little rice grain things with a green condom that are in the climate control panel.

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It is a pain in the ass for sure.  I think the bulbs that are in behind the dash are T5 but I dont know how many and if they are all white and some green.  I might just buy a box of clear and a box of green to make sure im covered.

Thanks for the help.

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I had a 2005 Ford Mondeo ST and that was as easy as it gets to change the cluster bulbs. Now for a 22 year old Subaru, I have to remove the full plastic dash.  Ill have to build myself up to it. Ill get around to it.  I just want to have all the bulbs that it needs , Ill keep it as standard Green.

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