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XForce Cat Back Exhaust on wagon

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Has anyone used or heard the XForce Catback exhaust?  It looks like the tips are extendable so can work on a wagon.  From what I read, see on youtube, the sound is on the low/quiet side which is what I am looking for. Cheap elements look to be peeling chrome.

This is for 2005 Legacy GT Wagon 5sp with a Cobb Downpip, Grimspeed up-pipe.  My stock exhaust has had several repair patch welds over the years, and just had a muffler rust out a hole.  So it is time.

My goal for exhaust has always been low, quiet Subie rumble.


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A Borla exhaust sounds more like what you're looking for. The XForce looks to be a rebrand of the generic eBay exhaust I bought my car with. The Borla doesn't look like it will rust like a lot of cheaper aftermarket solutions will.

That's my car with a Borla and Invidia catted downpipe.


Here's a video of someone installing that exhaust on a Legacy GT sedan.

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