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This is a discussion that serves two purposes... Both have something to do with mileage.


1) How many miles on your EJ22, and how has it held op to the test of time?


2) What kind of mileage (MPG) do you get with the EJ22?


I have 154K miles on my car, soon to be 155K. Since I bought the car at 138K I've replaced the spark plug wires, spark plugs, battery, battery cables, accessory belt, transmission fluid and filter, muffler (Twice), air filter (3" cone), some vacuum hoses, CV Shaft, rear struts, rear strut mount, radio, brakes, a fender, speakers, and other minor stuff. I also got an alignment a while ago. The car needs a lot of body work and new inner tie rod ends. Soon, I hope to get rebuilt fuel injectors, a catalytic convertor, MSD ignition swap, and O2 sensors. :)


As far as mileage, the car supposably got 18/22 from the factory, but I'd say it's more like 20-25 on average. I'd say if I drove like a grandma all the time I'd probably get 25, but that's never going to happen.

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my 91 legacy NA 5MT had 350k before she died. and that was rallying and racing it for 150k miles... all original motor. got around 400 miles a tank


my 91 legacy turbo 5MT has 260k... 300 miles a tank

my 91 legacy turbo auto has 140k

my 93 legacy wagon has 120k

my 01 OBS impreza just turned 100k... 400 miles a tank

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Hi All. I have a 99 Legacy L wagon with 245608 miles on it. I have only had her for 2 yrs now, she already had 210,000 or miles on her. I think the engine is having some major blow by issues. I'm not totally sure on that but there seems to be excess oil consumption. That is why I am almost living on this site looking up info & learning a lot. Don't know it's previous history. Mostly I have only done oil changes every 3k or less for I live on 1 mile dirt road. Changed spark plugs, air filter, new battery. 3 out of 4 wheel bearings ( fun job especially for some one that is just learning & doesn't have much in the tool dept. I did had a independent Subie mech bench press the bearing in the hub for me on 2 of them). Well that is pretty much it but I do love my subie.


Mileage when I first got car around 28 MPG now 27 to some times only 23 MPG. Way better than the 17 MPG on the Runner when it running good but lately it has only been 10-13 MPG. Oh FYI the Runner have 206114 mile on it.

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97 Legacy L wagon with 136500~miles on it. had her only 9 months and added 11000 miles on her. she had been in NY up state since brand new and still strong. She took me to travel through Adirondack forest and visited some NPs, no matter in long distance to MI or mountain area in PA and ME, stop and go in NYC or quiet town where i live, this car never disappointed me so far. wish to last longer as owners above.

some rust on her, changed brake lines, front strut, oil pressure sending unit, front right ball joint, rear window blade motor, air filter, regular oil change. muffler and fuel filter will be changed soon.

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Lots of Leggies out there with over 200K miles. That's what I like to see!


My turn! '92 had 160K miles. So far I've given it new rear struts, 1 rear strut mount, new muffler & pipe, new intermediate pipe, new air filter, new battery, new battery terminal connection, new spark plugs, new plug wires, Sony radio, Pioneer rear speakers, new front fender, new brakes, new CV shaft, new tie rod ends, new section of rear right brake line where the line comes into the car under the rear seat, front end alignment, transmission flush & filter, differential oil flush, new alternator and a new serpentine belt. I get about 20 MPG, sometimes more, sometimes less.

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1997 Legacy L (2.2 EJ22E) w/197K+ & still going strong.

Mobil 1 full synthetic motor oil every 4k miles.

Bosch platinum +2 plugs (much better than any compression-leaking NGKs.)

K&N filter (EJ22 breathes very well with this.)

New battery terminal connections.

New fog lights w/aftermarket wiring (first pair were destroyed in a hit & run.)

New 2 inch axle-back custom exhaust (first system was sawed off & stolen while I was on vacation during Thanksgiving '09.)

New 80-90W full synthetic gear oil (front/rear differentials.)

Transmission flush/refill.

New brake pads/disk resurfacing.

New exhaust manifold.

Gas mileage in the city is about 24mpg but on the highway most likely 30 since the needle barely moves.

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