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Reasonable cost for new suspension (stock)?


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I have 103k on my 07 GT. Rubber is worn from what I haven't had a chance to replace. Looking at redoing the complete suspension with stock parts, nothing fancy.


I'm going to ship around for quotes, but wear do you all think is a reasonable amount to spend? $2000? $2500?

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if you are doing the work yourself with OE replacement parts from places like rockauto.com, you will spend under $1500, and that gets you all 4 quick strut assemblies w/ springs and top hats, and all replacement control arms/bushings front and rear.
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Not really sure if I want to spend the time doing myself. With the cost you've said for DIY I would assume $2500 for a shop.


Edit: Shoot! I see Rockauto has the front KYB struts complete, but not the rear. Anyh other suggestions where I could find that?


Edit: I found the part number, just trying to find a place with the rears in stock.

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the rears are so easy to do if you have to a-la-carte it. a shop shouldnt charge you much more to put the strut assemblies together, but yes, if the shop is doing labor, it might approach about 1k in labor.


I strongly recommend you try to do as much as you can on your own. the 4th gen chassis is so easy to work on. if you have a cheap 1/2" electric impact gun, you can do nearly all of it. Maybe have the shop do the front LCAs if the ball joints are rusty, and if the rear toe arm eccentrics are seized you may have to have the shop sawzall them out, but thats about as hard as it may get.

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What I did when I replaced my suspension was buy all four KYB OEM struts with the top hats along with new loaded LCAs (Front). I rented a spring compressor from AutoZone, the manual kind that clamps the spring and you turn it with a 17mm socket, I built all four corners on the bench. The rears were three bolts and it falls out, use a bottle or scissor jack to extend the rear hub assembly slightly down to slip the new assembled structure in and align the big bottom bolt.


On the fronts I needed an alignment anyway so I disassembled the strut, knuckle and LCA. I knocked the LCA out and reinstalled the new loaded LCA and strut. I marked the alignment bolts to keep everything close.


After I got all four done I went and got an alignment. The hardest part is holding the strut the get the top mount nuts started but it’s very involved. So it’s not a project for most but if you have space and time its doable.

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