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Rattle from engine bay, could you help me narrow it down please? Specifics inside

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Happens in every gear, between 2,000-2,700 RPM, only when I am moving and on the throttle at around 15-20%. Does not happen if I rev it while standing still.


Exhaust was just checked and fully sealed by a muffler shop. Turbo was just rebuilt. Neither made any difference.


I also had an exact same model car before, and it wasn’t doing this.


‘08 Legacy GT 5 speed manual.


It’s driving me insane and I can’t even think of what can possibly cause a rattle in these specific circumstances. Engine would rattling standing still too, right?

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Can you drive the car next to a large wall, like the side of a bldg. at the end of a shopping area. With the windows rolled down, you maybe able to hear it and figure where it's coming from.

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Throw out bearing, clutch fork/pivot rattle? See if the noise changes pressing clutch in or letting out. Like Max said....next to a bldg and head out the window....safely of course.


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I would crank the wastegate arm down 5 turns. If it gets better, problem solved. My brand new turbo was 3mm out of adjustment. I tightened it 15 turns and the noise was gone. Boost was smoother and transition was better. This was before I protuned
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hmm... Ive been running aftermarket/bnr turbos so long I just assumed stock turbos had adjustable wastegates. Thats an oem thing then I believe, I lot of us have gone through 1 or 2 turbos and have probably upgraded to a JMP or likewise, and I guess they all change to adjustable in the rebuilds. I think I may have my stock turbo laying around somewhere, I will confirm. 

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