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Painting hard lines for corrosion resistance

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I have a 5th gen that I recently (1 year ago) replaced coolant hard lines on the turbo. I had to drop the turbo over the weekend and noticed that those year-old hard lines look TERRIBLE. I'll upload a picture later, but I went to the dealership to ask if this was normal for a non-winter driven car and (of course) they said yes.


I am replacing all of the oil hard lines to the turbo which is not cheap. I would like to improve their longevity, so I am wondering if there are any issues with painting them with high temperature paint like Rust-oleum High Heat Paint?


I also have a new exhaust manifold and would be interesting in painting that, as well.


Any thoughts, criticisms, or ridicule would be appreciated.

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Heat cycles and crap prep/paint will get you what you have. If you clean, prep and paint well these parts they should last a few years in color form at least.


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