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Early (97) Legacy GT 2 wire speed sensor conversion

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I entered into this hell of a task after first confirming with DCCDPro about their VSSPlus. I was assured after this inquiry and confirmation with an "engineer" that this would do what I needed.


That out of the way I swapped a 2005 LGT 5mt (with no VSS option) in the place of my well used oem trans. Then my hell began. Nothing worked from the converter, I have completed many swaps including all the wiring harness merges. This should not have been a difficult task. I questioned everything but mostly myself. I went over it all as many times, I was making myself crazy.


I'll skip past all the drama, another unit (Dakota Digital's SGI 100BT), and an oscilloscope in the passenger seat of my car to view the output from these boxes as well as the output from the factory VSS. I finally was successful with the VSSPro outputting the 5v square signal to the DD SGI 100bt that converts it to the AC signal these early speedos need to read properly.


I am putting this up for posterity's sake because I could find nothing when I looked other than a snippet on iWire's site saying that the VSSPro would require change to a newer dash. I hope this helps someone, I invested 7 months to get this finished and probably 4 solid 8 hour days.





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