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05 LGT 5MT -> 05 NA Outback 5MT swap questions

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The swap direction is somewhat unusual so here is the background info:


05 NA Outback 5MT - the TOB died. Car has TSK3 kit installed.


Tranny will be dropped and TOB will be replaced. The straight way would be to order new TSK TOB and new Exedy clutch kit and just replace worn parts.





the 05 NA tranny was making noises and 3rd does not want to always stay in gear. Also most of the bushings are worn and there is too much movement under acceleration. I also still have the 5MT from my 05 LGT, which was in great shape when taken off the car few years back.


The thinking was to swap the trannies and install 5MT from 05LGT into 05 NA outback. Both trannies have 4.11FD and paired to R160 rear diff.


The question is which clutch to get for the job.


I believe the 05 LGT 5MT will bolt on to NA EJ253, but I am not sure which clutch kit to get for this scenario. Should it be WRX SM flywheel clutch kit and TOB, or should it be 05 NA SM flywheel and clutch? I believe the thickness of the pressure plate was different between the NA and turbo but I am not 100% sure.



05 NA 5MT is TY757VCABA-5D.

05 LGT 5MT is TY757VBAAB.



2005 LGT Wagon Limited 6 MT RBP Stage 2 - 244K

2007 B9 Tribeca Limited DGM - 243K

SOLD - 2005 OB Limited 5 MT Silver - 245K

SOLD - 2010 OB 6 MT Silver - 205K

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You just need the flywheel and clutch/tob to be from the same setup due to dimensional differences in those parts.


So either use LGT flywheel, clutch and TOB or NA flywheel, clutch and TOB.

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