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Rotor compatibility for JDM cars

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I am looking at upgrading rotors on my car (GT-B) and am trying to figure out if there are any known differences I need to consider before purchase.


R1 concepts has criteria for '96 Subaru Legacy Wagon GT' but figured I would check here before buying.




Apologies if this is covered somewhere, I did try to look around a bit first.

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Did you find an answer to your question? I just purchased a 97 GTB. I am also hungry to find answers for how to fit USDM stuff to the JDM platform.



From what I have found the GT-B has 295mm Front \ 290mm Rear...for reference the USDM GT I have found is equipped with 277mm Front \ 266mm Rear.


The GC8 STI brakes swap over (from what I have heard, still trying to confirm).


Hopefully some of my digging helps out.

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I also found this website( http://www.partsouq.com) it has a ton of usdm part numbers for jdm applications. You can search by vin, it’s pretty sweet. It looks like the 02-03 USDM WRXC pads/rotors will fit our GTB's. Seems like the 4 pot/ 2pot upgrade from wrx will also fit.


I will need to do front pads/rotors sometime this summer, but Ill probably just stay with oem. Based on what I have been reading, the oem GTB brakes were sufficient even for light track use. I have 2 car seats in my wagon... so Ill stay off the track lol.


Where are you located anyways? I am in New Hampshire.

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