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Wheels Wars


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2009 LGT

Enkei Raijin 18x8 +45 (Hyper Silver)

Nankang NS -25 235/40/18.

Stock suspension298130e78f3206eda65e66d7e9a096e2.jpg3a3afaddc25e2585b8c9133b0fb9b2cb.jpg


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Ugh! You want me to get the wagon running and cleaned up and take pics?

Then again only 10 sets of my wheels were ever made and Ive never seen them in the color I have...


2005 Legacy Limited GT Wagon.

BC Racing c/o lowered

Fenders rolled pulled flattened etc


19x8 Volk Progressive TE

Michelin AS/3. 225/19/30



Details on wheels:




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Spec One F2, for those who want almost-Raijins but also want 17s.


17x8 +40 or +42, Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 and Pirelli PZero Nero GTs have both fit in 245/45/17 with just a slight roll to the front half of the front fenders.


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Here's the setup -


TWS T66-F (Gloss Silver) // 18 x 8in // +44 // Michelin All Season 4 235/40/18


RCE Tarmac 1 // RCE Lowering Camber Plates // -2 Front & -1 Rear degrees camber


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Enkei EKM3 Gunmetal Grey, 17 x 7, +45 Michelin PS4S-stock size 215/45/17

I like how they remind me of the old Legacy snowflakes from the 2nd and 3rd gens.



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