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Do I Have a Tune Issue?

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Thanks in advance for any help. I just bought this 05 wagon GT, 5 speed. It has an access port, cables up pipe and downpipe, full magnaflow exhaust. I believe that's it for performance.


My question is do you think I have a tuning issue? The guy I got this car from had the tune done, he stated for dependability more then performance. I do get hesitation, a little jumpy performance under 3k ram's. Also the Cobb shows my boost stays at -11psi at a low and max is 8.6psi. I though factory was about 14psi.


Thanks for the help. I've been away from subaru and turbos for about 12 years so I forgot most of what I knew.


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Personally, I don't think it's a great idea to consider replacing parts based solely off one forum reply.


My suggestion would be to diagnose the issue further...perhaps confirm the status of your wastegate because if it's not sticking, the flapper could also be misaligned

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I would agree. I have already checked my duty cycle on the waste gate and didn't really care for how it was responding. I figured I just buy a replacement, they aren't expensive at all and with it being a 2005 it wouldn't hurt to put a new one in.
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