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OEM Navigation question


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Hey guys, I am a long time legacy owner, I've been a long time member of SL-i.net but there is such a low amount of activity I joined rs25 and re-joined legacygt.com. I currently own a 2nd gen w/ ver 4 STi swap and a 4th gen GT limited that is stock.



I had a question about the OEM navigation. i looked around and haven't been able to find answers to my question.

I was at the junk yard, and found an outback xt with a nav screen. i thought that would be a cool upgrade to my 05LGT so I snagged the box under the drivers seat, the screen the bezle and the wires that connect the two. I didn't have time or tools to pull the whole dash harness so I just clipped the connectors that go in the back of the nav.

Has anyone done an upgrade write-up on adding OEM nav to a car that didn't originally have it? and am I missing any other pieces?


Thanks for any help boys, I look forward to posting and talking with you all

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