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MD/PA line: Brembo brake calipers

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On 5/18/2022 at 7:03 AM, All_talk said:

What does it take to get these on a '07 GT? Is there a thread somewhere?

You need brake rotors and wheels that have the clearance for the calipers. Spacers can help with offset but you might need ARP studs to get it all together (also worth it). The upgrade is well worth it. We spend all this time making our cars fast without upgrading brakes, it’s kinda funny. 

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Fronts will bolt right on with 2004 WRX STI 5x100 rotors. You may have to mod the splash shield to clear the larger diameter rotors, bending the edges of the shield outward should be ok.

Rears are a bit more complicated. I dont know what adapter and rotor combo, if any, that fit 2008-up black rear Brembos to your chassis.

If you do find an adapter and rotor combo, you will need to trim or remove the rear splash shields to fit it.

Pre-2008 gold rears are the known entity, there are adapters for them and you will need 2004 WRX STI 5x100 rear rotors and the above clearance mods.

Yes you will need wheels that fit over them also.  On the 2010-up Legacies for stock wheels its known that you need at least a 17mm spacer to clear.  Should be similar here I think.

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