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Meet Grandma Gloria Regina.

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With the adjustable fuel pressure regulator, VMS lightweight crank pulley, and the Mini Cooper S ignition coil followed by NGK V-Power plugs, the mod list was completed after the EJ22D was completed.





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The blue 1998 Subaru Legacy L wagon belongs to a friend of mine. I take periodic trips up to Worcester, Ma to help her mod and maintain this wagon she affectionately calls "Blu." It currently has all of my previous mods that were given to her wagon.


Even though it is 4eat and has it's original EJ22E longblock, the mods help it keep pace with the EJ22D well and it has a good amount of low-end torque in comparison. It has proven to me that even left as is, the EJ22E has much to offer when the longblock has support mods on it.


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sound really nice man good job. what kind of exhaust to you have?


The exhaust at the time was a 2.25in catback to 2.5in axleback N1 muffler. It is currently without that muffler but I'm going to add both a resonator and a muffler again.

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Update: The car still does well and with the mod/mods the 2.2 is and has, I'm able to pull about 140mi per quarter tank traveled on long distance cruises. The high output EJ25D still hasn't been built yet, as I have had many delays or setbacks. Most of the parts are there to get it done, though...
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