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H3RPerformance HalGuard Fire Extinguisher Installation

Febreze Mee

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I got my HalGuard for Christmas and wanted to throw a thread together for those looking interested. The purpose of this thread is to bring a visual aid to members and visitors for what the HalGuard automotive fire extinguisher looks like once installed in the BL/BP (2005 - 2009) chassis. Whether for race-applications, local HPDEs, everyday-carry usage, or anything in between, this extinguisher set-up is practical, compact, and affordable - making it my choice for my car.


Here are the PN#'s for what I installed:


Universal Fire Extinguisher Seat Mount (SM01BK)

Extreme Duty Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Bracket (NB300)

HalGuard Clean Agent Automotive Fire Extinguisher - 2.5lb (HG250B)


Be sure to check out your club/association rules for clarification on fire extinguisher/suppressant system standards for competition use.


*Install this at your own risk*


Let's start out with components and tools needed. I opted for the Extreme Duty quick release bracket (for a 2.5lb bottle) over the standard bracket that the universal mount comes with. I chose this bracket system as it was a little more aesthetically pleasing, and much sturdier. It is also a more simple system that is operated using a pin and hinge system as a quick-release that allows the user to swiftly put the bottle into operation.


The bracketry used with Extreme Duty quick release bracket, can be seen in action through videos a quick search on YouTube will reveal. The universal mount comes will multiple 2x sets of elbow brackets, both big and small, and all the hardware necessary for assembly. You can mix and match elbows brackets and straight brackets as you please to get the universal mount sitting where you want it once installed.


I used the small elbow brackets and the straight brackets to achieve the fitment I have now. Originally, I was going to use only the small elbow brackets to secure the universal mount to, however, I could not achieve the fitment I was after.




These are the tools I used to most efficiently tackle this job. These serve as a general guide to get the job done. If you can be creative to help yourself out, do so. Here is what I used:


  • 13mm box wrench
  • Philips head screw driver
  • 6mm allen key (short)
  • 6mm allen key (long)
  • 13mm socket (1/4in dr)
  • 9mm socket (1/4in dr)
  • 1/4in (1/4in dr)
  • socket wrench (1/4in dr)
  • socket wrench (1/2in dr)
  • an extension of your choice
  • 14mm (1/2in dr)


Nevermind the wire, as that's for an ongoing mirror project.




This is frontal view of how I plumbed the "PULL TO RELEASE" jet tag tie down. This was down to eliminate any excess slack in the wire. My focus was on minimizing the signature that this entire system was going to take residing in my passenger side footwell, and I had that focus in mind every step of the way. This is also the reason I have a black bottle over the red or chrome options.


It should also be noted that neither the bottle, nor the universal mount are in contact with the carpet or floormat. It is floating, so the floor mats can still come in and out, and no indentations are made in the carpet.


The bottle is also facing in a way that protects the gauge and the pin, so that neither can be accidentally damaged, and so the pin cannot accidentally be pulled. Extra safe!


I wanted this setup to live behind the passenger seat, but not bad enough to bend the brackets it came with or find a homemade solution, so I just sent it up front.




A continuation from the previous photo, but this time from behind. This also highlights the gap I have between the universal mount and the seat's sliding lever - more on this in later photos. The seat is fully adjusted to the rear here.




A general view, showing foot well space. In this photo the seat is in its maximum forward position relative to the extinguisher mounting bracket (not the car). This position is 2-clicks from full extension to the rear.


I set it up this way because I like the passenger seat in line with my seat while driving. I don't have passengers enough to care about allowing the seat it's full range of adjustment, so I set the minimum in line with my seating position as the driver. The passengers have 2-clicks of adjustability to the rear.




In this final photo, the seat is fully extended to the rear. This photo was taken from the perspective a passenger who stands at 8.5" soft 6'2" tall, wearing size 12 sneakers. My left foot's heel is in contact with the bottle, while my right foot's toes are in contact with the under-dash area. The angles in the photo are a bit deceiving, but the toes of my left foot only overlap with the heel of my right by about an inch and a half. Could be better, could be worse.




Good luck, and thanks for reading this far! I will be seeing what it's like to live with a fire extinguisher over the next few days. Post up your comments, questions, concerns, and pictures for those that have/decide to do this.

MILKRUN photo album - Click Here
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Great write-up and install. Fire extinguishers are something often overlooked in a vehicle. Always found it funny that boats are required to have a FE onboard but not cars... I have one that lives in the back passenger foot well but need to get it mounted like this.
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Great write-up and install. Fire extinguishers are something often overlooked in a vehicle. Always found it funny that boats are required to have a FE onboard but not cars... I have one that lives in the back passenger foot well but need to get it mounted like this.




Several months later, I've had the opportunity to live with the bottle in the car and pole passengers. From those who regularly sit in the car, and those who don't - they claim it is hardly noticeable. Lack of leg room isn't and issue, nor is seat adjustability. It's not an inconvenience at all. It's not an eyesore.

MILKRUN photo album - Click Here
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Posted (edited)

I keep one in my car too, except the WeatherTech mats get smooshed up against them, thinking of getting coco mats. Glad Boxkita got me to look into this:




Halotron I is a colorless volatile, pressurized liquid with a slight ether-like odor. Short-term exposure to high concentrations may result in central nervous system and cardiac effects. Long-term exposure to concentrations above recommended exposure limits may result in liver effects. High concentrations of 20,000 ppm (v/v) or higher, may cause cardiac arrhythmia.

ABC/Monoammonium Phosphate/Dry Chemical


Description of necessary first-aid measures



Immediately flood the eye with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes, holding the eye open. Obtain medical attention if soreness or redness persists.



Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. Obtain medical attention if irritation persists.



Dilute by drinking large quantities of water and obtain medical attention. Inhalation Move victim to fresh air. Obtain medical attention immediately for any breathing difficulty.


Most important symptoms/effects, acute and delayed

Aside from the information found under Description of necessary first aid measures (above) and Indication of immediate medical attention and special treatment needed, no additional symptoms and effects are anticipated.

The reason people still choose Halotron is that it's not corrosive and will not damage electronics, but I was unaware of the health effects. Conventional (ABC) fire extinguishers, on the other hand, leave residue that will make anything is touches unsalvageable.


Attachment 1: ABC

Attachment 2: Halotron



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I'll take the sympathy the Halotron holds towards the interior/electronics all day over the conventional counterparts. As long as not sipping on the bottle or spraying it inside the car with all the windows up/doors closed, I'm sure I'll be fine. If I'm spraying it with the doors closed, I have burning plastics/fabrics to worry about inhaling :spin:


so it holds an extinguisher? and the pull tab releases the bottle ?


halguard is friendly to ppl?


Pretty much! The bottle is secured via the pin, and could not possibly come out, unless the pin is released.

MILKRUN photo album - Click Here
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