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Jet Performance MAF

Black Dragon

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I wasn't expecting that kind of replies but thanks anyway.


Honestly thought this was a troll post, even up to you saying you were gonna file a lawsuit against them, but... it seems that you're... actually serious?


There are a total of three reviews on the JET website, where it shows 5 stars. Only one of the three that actually seems like a real review of someone who owns a subaru, bought, and installed it on their car, says that the car used to gasp for air above 3000 rpm, but no more, and they gained 1/2 miles to the gallon. one half is within standard deviation, absolutely NOT notable. my MPG's vary up to 2mpg tank to tank and nothing changes but the weather. My take on this review, their car needed a MAF any way, and that they would be better off with an OE replacement. The other two reviews are clearly fluff as they were posted on the same day.


I found this item on Amazon, where it carries a 2.6/5 stars from 11 global ratings, but only 4 review. two of the four written reviews actually seem to be from people who own subarus, bought and installed this part on their car. One person said it absolutely did not work on their 2015 Forester, causing it to spit and sputter, and they somehow say they're going to get a dynotune, which is just laughable since it's a 2.5i. Good luck on that tune. The other person says they noticed hesitation and lag after installing the part, they took it to the dealer where they found the car was running dangerously lean. LEAN MAKE CAR GO FAST...the dog that shits big doesn't shit for long. a third person, who i can't tell if they actually own a subaru or not since the title is "a must for all subaru mods": "WTF?? I had no idea that an air flow sensor could make such an exponential growth in hp n tq. I'm shocked at the instant difference in power. Jetchip is the real deal!" 9 people found that review helpful. 9 people also found the fourth review helpful, "Love it ..... So far sooooo good." Solid believable reviews those last two.


Jegs carries this item. Where it has a 1 star review, averaged from two reviews. One person says their car would not stay running unless they played with the throttle, along with major hesitation on the freeway to the point it turned off, and they got a low circuit CEL for MAF. That's just perfect, I want my car to turn off while I'm on the freeway, I'm gonna buy three of these. The other review says this, "I installed this and my car could not drive slow or with cruise control without the engine cutting out and the car shaking and becoming uncontrollable."


Summitracing carries this item. It has a 1.5 star review averaged from 6 people. One wasn't able to plug it in, one couldn't get their car to start and it produced a CEL, didn't fit this persons 2010. doesn't fit again. not for late model. oh but here's JOHN from NY with a 4/5 review, "item was easy to install. it definitely improved throttle response". Well shit, with a written review like that, why only the 4 stars? Seems like a 5 star kinda thing. man that's weird.


and now that I've spent way too much time on all that. you can see how we might find this thread to be...laughable. You bought an item before fully doing your research, and you're trying to blame the company.


A fool and his money are soon parted.

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