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Jump start caused radio and keyless entry to stop working.


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Hi everyone,


2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium with Manual transmission here


This is my third legacy, and I haven't had electrical issues before, but I recently had my battery die on me, and when I jumped it using the boost function of my micro start, the alarm would go off. Did it once more when I tried to jump it again, but the third time it did not. Got the car running, but then certain electric functions weren't working. Aftermarket stereo will not turn on, keyless entry and the security system dont work, and my auto headlight sensor doesn't seem to work. Most other functions (windows, mirrors, headlights themselves) all work.


I chalked it up to the battery being shot, but when I replaced it this afternoon, they still don't work. I've checked every fuse I could think of, but none seem to be blown. I think it might be the biu, but with what I've heard of the key issue, I'd like to avoid dropping that money if I can avoid it.


Anyone have any idea what this could be or have some next troubleshooting steps? Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Did you check both boxes (under the hood and inside)?

and how did you test them? best method is with a voltmeter on DC mode ground the black and go over both sides of the fuses with the red (without pulling them out on their back side there are 2 metal contacts).


on my 09 when I pulled the Audio/Navi fuse random stuff stopped working in the car, and of course the HU.

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I'll be honest, it was primarily just the eye read for the fuses, although I did check some in both boxes. I tried doing an ecu reset to see if that would do anything, but I'm also finding that disconnecting the battery won't trigger it (trip odo and clock aren't resetting).


My plan was to just swap all the fuses that might be involved, but I could test voltage if I can find my multimeter. I was also going to bypass my battery to wipe out all voltage in my system to see if that triggers the ecm and biu reset.


Still, I'll see if I can find the multimeter and test out those fuses. There's just a lot of potential ones, and with three separate things being out, I thought it would be weird to have those specific things all affected.


Thank you for the reply!

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I did pull that one and put it back in during one of battery disconnects earlier, but it looked OK. However, I'm thinking I might just replace it anyway in case it's one of those blown ones thst doesnt look it. Thank you for the suggestion.
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