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Buying some used rims off of FB market place, wondering if they will work?


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I have a 2005 Legacy GT with stock rims and tires 17x7 and 215/45/17, however the previous owner plastic dipped the rims and they are chipping and look not great. Wheels also look brown not black.


I saw some aftermarket rims (not super nice ones) but are nice enough and have no curb rash or anything plus tires (Toyo) which have good thread.


My question is, the wheels are the same size as my stocks ones and same with rim size and bolt pattern, but I don’t know about offset and scrub radius. How much does that matter and should I figure that out before buying them, I know stock offset is about +37mm to +57mm and (+55 scrub radius?) These rims have an offset of +38mm. Will these work without any problems?


Thank you.



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