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05 Legacy GT Not Running Right. Help?

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Hello, I need some help with a problem I'm having for a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT 2.5 with an Automatic Transmission. I'll cut to the chase. The car won't run right. It has an extremely rough idle when put into gear. When you put it into drive or reverse or any gear, the rpms go down to 250 instead of the desired 750 rpm. We've done everything from replacing injectors, changing turbos, sealing most of our vacuum lines. Just recently in fact, we thought it was the down pipe gasket that the turbo sits on. Ran normally for like 30 seconds and then went right back to the way it was running before. I am stumped. I've looked on every thread, every post and none of them solve our problem. Could someone help me out. Thank you!
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