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Ontario Canada: "I'm going electric" sale part 1 - rare JDM stuff + whiteline camber

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I think the time has come where I will be selling this car in the next few months. Lots of high quality parts here I was going to use for myself but I've just lost interest. Due to an upcoming baby, change in priorities and desire to buy an electric performance car sometime in the future; I'm not going to have the time and won't get the same satisfaction out of modifying this thing anymore even if I keep it so here goes. I will try and apply a shipped price to each part. All prices in USD. If you're Canadian we can do CAD at current exchange rate. If you're in the Ottawa-Kingston area you can pick up. Willing to do deals with multiple items. I accept paypal, crypto or potentially any other form of payment you suggest.


CAR IS NOW LISTED FOR SALE :(https://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/kingston-2005-subaru-legacy-gt-limited-wagon-5spd-swp-287130.html?p=6048986#post6048986



JDM aluminum rear trailing arms WITH hubs, backing plates, longer bolts etc attached - $400 350 300 + shipping. This box is huge and might be expensive for shipping. Willing to throw in front arms for a deal.

JDM facelift HID headlights - $250 225 205 shipped

JDM headlight leveling and folding mirrors switch. Have 2 of these, 1 with harness. WITH harness $50 SOLD shipped. Without $25 shipped.

07-09 Legacy GT airbag cover - $50 40 shipped

05-06 Legacy GT airbag cover - $30 25 shipped

2011 STI roll connector. Could maybe be retrofit to use ALL the buttons on a steering wheel retrofit but I never got around to trying.. $80 60 shipped

OEM TBSTI dash center speaker - $60 50 shipped. Was going to install this into my dash to improve the soundstage. Will take some guts to install.






STI front Brembos - $600 shipped. Will bolt right onto stock LGT but needs different rotors. Pistons move freely. Comes with caliper pins. Threads freshly retapped by mechanic. SOLD

JDM aluminum front control arms - $250 225 200 shipped SOLD

STI airbag cover. Will fit 07-09 wheel - $125 75 shipped. SOLD

FULL STI 6 speed swap including: 2011 STI trans with DCCD, R180 diff, new compatible rear axles, ALL shifter parts directly from a parts STI, starter, clutch master cylinder, etc etc everything you need. Around 150k kms on trans. Ask if any questions - $2500usd picked up SOLD

Grimmspeed EBCS - $80 75 shipped. Bought used and never installed SOLD

Grimmspeed Master cylinder brace - $80 75 shipped. Bought and never installed SOLD

DAMD ROUND red stitched steering wheel 08-09 (easy to retrofit) - $475 shipped. For asking price I'll include the airbag pad so you can retrofit this onto your 05-06. SOLD

BRAND NEW IN BOX Whiteline KTA124 rear camber arms - $375 350 shipped SOLD

BRAND NEW IN BOX Whiteline BSK014 Front and Rear Swaybar, Endlinks kit - $400 + 80 shipping SOLD

AVO rear swaybar support brackets - $100 shipped SOLD

JDM flexible strut tower brace upper and lower set - SOLD

STI brake master cylinder - $50 + shipping SOLD

STI brake booster - $25 + shipping or tossed in with another big item. SOLD

Tuned by STI wagon rear seat side bolsters. Leather with red stitching. Good to match STI front seats. Will include rear red stitched headrests (currently in my wagon). Can take better pics.. - $150+shipping SOLD

2011 STI catless uppipe $100 shipped SOLD

OEM Autodimming mirror with harness $60+15 shipping SOLD

JDM Power steering cover - $30+shipping SOLD

IAG driver floor mat bracket $20 tossed in with any other part. Stops the floor mat from sliding around when it gets old like mine. SOLD

RARE JDM blue turn side mirror blinkers - $110 shipped. I think this fits all post-facelift mirrors. SOLD

Saggy butt spacers. 1 set is paranoid fabrications, 1 set is some Russian manufacturer. Take them both for $20 thrown in with another part. SOLD

Rear JDM mudflaps. Rare and hard to find these days. $50 + shipping. SOLD

JDM Hazard switch $20 or I'll toss it in with another purchase. SOLD

Grimmspeed alternator cover red - $80 75 shipped. Bought new and never installed. Will come with the bracket needed to install on LGTs (instead of WRX). SOLD

Neoprene coilover covers - $40 shipped. Can't remember where I bought them but never ended up using them. Protect your coilovers if you drive in the winter. SOLD

FULL 2011 "STI swap" SOLD



Prices are flexible but keep in mind shipping is expensive these days.


I still have more to come.


My 2005 Legacy GT Limited 5 spd wagon in Satin White Pearl will be going up for sale eventually so watch for that if you're interested.


Pics in post below













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Fwiw, these make great first time dad cars. Changing station built-in on wagons. Fits stroller/gear quite nicely in back. Just sayin bc I have a fourteen month old. Glws. Congrats on the new addition.
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Fwiw, these make great first time dad cars. Changing station built-in on wagons. Fits stroller/gear quite nicely in back. Just sayin bc I have a fourteen month old. Glws. Congrats on the new addition.


Yeah I agree it's definitely a very usable car but I bought it when I was in a very different stage in life. I wanted a manual awd fast car I could drive year-round and could haul lots of stuff in when I needed to. Now I don't winter drive it anymore, have an SUV and don't need the wagon space, my wife can't drive manual and the newer cars coming out are just as fast and way more efficient. Besides I have way too many other hobbies these days and no time to spend on maintenance and mods. I think that's only going to get worse in the days to come

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damn bump!


my advice - don't get rid of it I made that mistake when my daughter was born 14 years ago. but I also under stand priorities


Good luck with the sale(s)! was actually just thinking about pinging you to install my SWC soon.

Current:MY05 SWP wagon - 253/290 :rolleyes: UP, AEM CAI, Invidia Q300, tuned@yimisport

OLD: MY06 GRP - 274/314 :cool:

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All prices dropped.


Some pics and details of the STI manifold/turbo swap. Comes with:


-STI manifold

-OEM VF48 replaced under warranty 29k kms before being removed

-throttle body

-all vacuum hoses attached

-OEM STI fuel injectors, rails


-OEM STI intercooler and brackets

-turbo inlet hose

-coolant reservoir and hoses (not part of the swap but will toss it in)

-various oil lines and other parts still attached to the main things


All parts have 149k kms except the turbo (29k kms). This is everything you need to do this swap on your car as far as I know. Would hate to have to sell it piece by piece. $1000obo shipped for all







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