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2004 headlight swap onto 2002 and earlier.

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I couldn't find all the proper information on how to do this so I figured I could contribute and hopefully help someone else do this in the future.


I have a 2002 Outback with the double/split headlights. I purchased the 2004 headlights with the 9007 headlight bulbs. Obviously they aren't the same and thus the harnesses have to be swapped and rewired.


Before and After. Top is old, bottom is new.




I first ordered the harnesses from Amazon


ACDelco Professional LS256 Headlamp Socket:





Next, the wiring setup.


From the car harness, the wiring is as follows:


Yellow wire: Low beam

Blue wire: Ground/negative

Red wire: High beam


With the harness facing you female end, and in a upwards rainbow shape, the following is how the wires must be connected and I've attached a picture.




Left: High beam

Middle Up: Ground/Negative

Right: Low Beam


I hope this helps everyone. Cheers.

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So it sounds like you put Legacy headlights on an Outback.


2000-2004 Legacy GT and 2000-2004 Outback have split headlights. Share the same assemblies.


2000-2004 regular Legacy has single bulb (dual element) headlights.

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