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Cobb LF BPV Problems

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I recently installed the Gen 2 Cobb LF BPV onto my car, and I have been experiencing problems with my car, such as getting a p0171, which is a code for running too lean. I was wondering how to correctly adjust the BPV, since it is different from the Gen 1, where you just use an allen wrench. I have a 2008 LGT, with the cobb stage 1 ots, and a nameless axleback muffler delete. This code popped up after I installed the BPV. This code only pops up when im idling. Thank you in advance.
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Does the stage 1 OTS tune have a note in the tune name for a BPV? Also why are you running an upgraded BPV for a stage 1 car? Unless your old one failed, then that would be fine.


I'd assume there's a chance that the BPV works differently enough that it might require tuning, but more likely you sprung a boost leak installing it. You'll get P0171 codes until you have the leak fixed. Any speed shop can do a boost leak test for you. Mom and pop shops might not be able to as you need 10+ PSI of air to be pressurized through the system to detect leaks and figure out where they're coming from in a turbo car. Best of luck. Let us know your location and we can recommend shops near you that can check up the car.

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Yes, my old one failed. I figured out that the reason I was having a leak, was due to the fact that I hadn't turned the top on all the way so that nothing would bleed out. I live near Pomona, CA, and I would definitely like to know about some tuning shops near by. Thanks in advance!
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