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Looking for a good alignment shop


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Looking for a good shop that will set things up they way I'd like and match both sides. I'm in RI, so preferably something in RI or southern MA/eastern CT.


I'm going through refreshing my suspension and not really looking for much out of the ordinary, but the last couple times I've had alignments done locally, they barely get it within spec and refuse to put any more work in. Last time the rear cambers were over a degree different and they refused to even adjust my 0.5deg front caster bushings to get them to match (off 0.7degrees between the two sides), rear toe was also off a lot.


I'm just looking for someone that's willing to put in a little extra to get things even and willing to adjust some aftermarket front caster bushings. Might be a few weeks till I do it. Looking to replace the front lower control arms and either all the bushings out back or new trailing/control arms then get the alignment.



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