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CA: Endless Zeal coilovers

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Sold, thank you guys for interest

Just took these coilovers off to install a new stiffer setup.


Endless Zeal coilovers 8k/6k. Discontinued 6 way adjustable. I am not aware of exact mileage or date of manufacture. Comes with spanner wrenches and extra locking collar for the fronts (not pictured). Just took these pics real quick after a long day in the garage, if you want specific pics let me know.


Looking to get $̶5̶0̶0̶ $400(price reduced considering rebuilding isn't entirely logical) +s/h(I will cover half shipping fees since included spanners are not a perfect match) +paypal fees


Contact via PM or the following for questions or inquiries




thank you

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UPDATE, if you are considering having these rebuilt please read this message from Endless about these coilovers. Courtesy of Mechazilla


The internal parts for the old model 6-Way and 30-Way adjustable coilovers have already been discontinued so we can't overhaul these anymore. Best we could do now would be to sell you replacement shock bodies. The new designs are 20-Way adjustable. The pricing per shock body will depend on the style of coilover. But roughly we would be looking at


20-Way Adjustable regular monotube - $450 per shock [if the adjustment dial is on top]

20-Way Adjustable reverse monotube ram cylinder style - $510 per shock [if the adjustment dial on the bottom]


ETA to get the new shock bodies will depend on when we process the order but we should be looking at about three to four weeks.


Depending on the conditions of the external parts you should be able to reuse those and just install them on the new shocks. If this is something that you would be interested in, the first step would be to make sure the lower bracket, locking rings and spring seat is loose and turn freely.









Ride height examples on my car, fronts are max low:



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