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Turbo oil lines (oem)?

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I am starting to approach getting a bunch of work done on my 2006OBXT, and I am thinking about replacing the turbo oil lines (the rigid ones).

I see a bunch of "upgrades" (like the IAG one) that replace these hard lines with braided lines.

If I were to replace the rigid oil lines (the ones that have the banjo bolts in the ends) where would I look? Subaru parts department obviously but which part numbers should l look for? And is there anywhere else I should be looking?

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the OE hardlines are actually quite good. I did replace the portion to the turbo but left the hardline that mounts to the head and runs to the right avcs. I used this adapter https://www.ebay.com/itm/184261197517

to go from the subaru hardline to a -4AN. Then a braided line from this fitting to a banjo bolt and reused the OE restrictor banjo bolt on the turbo




Personally replacing the entire hardline isn't worth the money, time or effort. I only replaced the short jump from the hardline to the turbo because i accidentally ruined my original turbo hardline. The OE hardlines do not need replacing unless actually broken (which is rare). Just replace or remove the filter in the banjo bolt pre turbo and right avcs

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FWIW, my 05 still has the OEM oil feed line it came with. Why do you think you need to replace yours ? Yes, I did remove the banjo filter(s).



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