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MI: ETS FMIC piping

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Flushing out the stores a bit. Bought it a while back and still sitting in the box it came in, ended up going with a Cobb FMIC kit (also from an 08-14 WRX). Have a set of ETS FMIC piping for an 08-14 WRX, with a MAF-less CAI pipe and all couplers/clamps. This kit here, with a TiAL BOV flange and an EGT bung.




As with the Cobb kit I'm running, this will work for an 05-09 LGT but will be a bit on the tight side when coming around from either side of the IC core into the engine bay.


Originally came off of a car that was in a front end collision so one end of the FMIC piping near the intercooler is a little pinched, but no punctures and still functional. I can re-shape to round before sending out if desired.


Asking $400 shipped for everything. Pics later this weekend when I actually unpack the box.

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Added that kit has EGT bung
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Pics are here. The crunched end of the tube is a bit worse than I remember from pre-purchase pics, but still completely workable. No creases in the metal or punctures - I can re-form to round if needed. Otherwise, I'll do 425 shipped if someone wants it as-is to re-form themselves.


@Marvick - I can't confirm since I have a different kit, but I think it'll work with an STI-style turbo. I have one sitting myself, and with the Cobb kit all I needed to do was source a U pipe with a reducer coupler on one end and a longer straight coupler on the other end, to replace the 90/flat flange that attaches to the VF40/VF52 style turbos. Can't see a reason why the case would be any different for you.






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