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Mystery Connector Behind Front Bumper

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I've been tooling around, doing my research and trying to figure out why my fog lights don't work, when I discovered a mystery wire at the base of my radiator inside my front bumper ('06 5MT Wagon, 2.5i). I've attached pics below (apologies, it was dark out when I took them). It looks like there's some sort of severed connector attached to the wire (which looks stock and is connected to a bracket beneath the radiator), and some plastic slides/clips attached to the front bumper that I can only imagine housed (at one point) some sort of aftermarket device.


Any ideas what this could be for, and if it's at all related to my fog light woes? Thanks!



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That may be for the outside air temp us GT guys have.


I think you're right, upon googling pics of that it looks like this is just an outside air temperature sensor that isn't attached to the bracket behind it. Ty!

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