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Update SSL/TLS Certificate

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It's slowly coming back, thank you to whomever is working on it.

TLS (HTTPS) is back, I can login and stay logged in.

"New Posts" and "Today's Posts" still throw database errors. EDIT: Woot! New Posts works again!

I haven't tried messages yet. I can see traffic is still way down from it all.


If you can't login, I would try to clear your browser cache; there are times that gets stale and keeps you from logging in.

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I hope this gets corrected because I haven't been able to post or respond to messages. I still can't log in on different browsers.



I had the same issue as you for about the last day or so, so it's not just you. Looks like Tide was able to get at least most of the issues cleaned up, though, so we're inching back toward normalcy.

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Looks like everything is back. Thank you. I was really nervous for a few days there. This place means more to me than most rational people can comprehend.
"Striving to better, oft we mar what's well." - Bill Shakespeare - car modder
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Tide posted yesterday in a mod forum thread that he had rebuilt the database- my guess as someone with basically zero knowledge about website back-end stuff is that that cleared up the rest of the issues, so we ought to be back to normal. Let us know if you come across anything else that's still broken, though.
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