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Stock MAP Sensor...What is it?!


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Hi gang,


I'm in the process of tuning my 2005 LGT and I'm being told I need to upgrade my map sensor because it's maxing out.


My tuner is saying to get a 3bar sensor, but I'm also being told by a vendor that the stock one IS 3 bar.


However, my data logs suggest that my sensor maxes out at about 18.4 psi or just over 1bar.


I tend to trust my tuner/data more than the vendor, but can anyone tell me for sure what the stock sensor is?




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Thanks, Rhino,


I actually have already gone ahead and ordered the Cobb 4bar kit for the LGT.


I also ported the waste gate which helped a little bit with the boost creep.


I figure, if my tuner is telling me I need it, I had better get it done. He's the expert, not me.


The only things I know how to do on a car I learned from YouTube or this forum. LOL.



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